Parramatta Heritage Rides

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Australia Day edition Sun 26 Jan

Three 1-hour rides to the key Indigenous and European sites in Parramatta. 

Previous 2020 Rides

Vintage Sun 23 Feb

Parramatta's finest, including Elizabeth Farm, Female Factory Precinct, Old Government House, St Johns Cemetery,  Female Orphan School and much more!

Bulldozer edition Sun 21 Jun

Touring the sites of recent or impending heritage losses including Willow Grove and Cumberland Hospital Precinct. A sad addition to our ride collection.

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Upcoming Rides

Churches & Cemeteries Sun 23 Aug 

6 churches and 5 cemeteries

Sun 22 Nov 9am

- Chic & Sandstone

For lovers of sandstone structures and colonial cottages. Sumptuous! (3 - 4 hours) 

Sun 25 Oct 9am

- Boundary Stones

Sun 27 Sep 9am

- Ponts of Parramatta

Taking you to Parramatta's unique collection of Boundary Stones, laid in 1839 to mark the police beat. Most are still in their original location! (3 hours)

Riding over, under or through the more than 20 bridges between the head of the Parramatta River and Silverwater. (3 hours)

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