Parramatta Heritage Rides

Boundary Stones

Parramatta has a unique collection of Boundary stones, installed in 1839 to establish their beat. 

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Style and Sandstone

Parramatta has many beautiful houses, from different periods, and an abundance of sandstone. 

Sun 24 April, 2021 - VINTAGE

The best of Parramatta's heritage, including Australia's 3 oldest European buildings,it's oldest cemetery, and its unique Aboriginal history. And much more!

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Ponts of Parramatta

Riding over, under or through the more than 20 bridges between the head of the Parramatta River and Silverwater.

Churches & Cemeteries 


Parramatta's finest, including Elizabeth Farm, Female Factory Precinct, site of the Parramatta Native institution, Indigenous shared footpath, Old Government House, St Johns Cemetery,  Female Orphan School and much more!

Parramatta Heritage Rides have been touring Parramatta's rich heritage since 2003. Founded by Paul Bowyer and Peter Gilbert, the rides showcase Parramatta's heritage through different themes. Peter retired in 2019, and Anthony Parker joined. 


Parramatta has arguably the finest heritage collection in Australia. It's also paradoxical because it's not well known, and increasingly under threat, with the recent loss of the Royal Oak Hotel and impending loss of Willow Grove. 


You'll see and learn about the many sites and characters of our unique past, both Indigenous and European. You'll be amazed at what you find, and you'll realise why it's worth protecting and promoting. 

The rides are free, but bookings are essential. A $10 deposit is required to reserve a place which is refunded on attendance. 


You'll need your own bicycle in working order.

We are unable to offer bike hire. 


Parramatta Heritage Rides operate in conjunction with Bike North. 


Parramatta has 6 cemeteries, including the oldest surviving one, St Johns. Many famous figures are buried in their boundaries, which also reveal many aspects of Parramatta's history. 

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