Parramatta Heritage Rides

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2nd Kings School, 1836
St Johns Church Towers (1818)
Old Government House, 1799

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Sun Nov 27, 2016 8.30am: First, Oldest and Longest

Parramatta is home to Australia's:
AUSTRALIA'S OLDEST private building (Elizabeth Farm - 1793),
AUSTRALIA'S OLDEST public building (Old Government House - 1799),
AUSTRALIA'S OLDEST Cemetery (St Johns - 1790);

To its:
FIRST successful farm (The Governors Farm - 1788),
FIRST first land grant (Experiment Farm - 1790),
FIRST observatory;

And to its:
OLDEST 3 storey brick building (the Female Orphan School - 1818).
OLDEST Church Site (St Johns - 1803)
OLDEST Military Site (Lancer Barracks - 1819)


This ride will open your eyes to Parramatta's rich heritage and history.


Distance: 17km

Duration: Approx. 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Price: Free!

 2nd Kings School, 1836 
 Old Government House, 1799 
 Dairy Cottage, 1798 
St Johns Church Towers, 1819 

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Parramatta Heritage Rides open up Parramatta's wealth of hidden heritage, including Australia's 3 oldest buildings (pre-1800!), its oldest cemetery (1790) and much, much more, through a variety of easy, themed bicycle rides with regular stops and commentary. Awarded a Commendation at the Parramatta City Council Heritage Awards, 2013. Come along and discover the fascinating story of Australia's second settlement on this fun history lesson in the classroom of the bicycle!

Parramatta Heritage Rides are operated by Camwest, in association with Bicycle NSW

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