Parramatta Heritage Rides

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Parramatta Heritage Rides open up Parramatta's wealth of hidden heritage, including Australia's 3 oldest buildings (pre-1800!), its oldest cemetery (1790) and much, much more, through a variety of easy, themed bicycle rides with regular stops and commentary. Awarded a Commendation at the Parramatta City Council Heritage Awards, 2013. Come along and discover the fascinating story of Australia's second settlement on this fun history lesson in the classroom of the bicycle!

Parramatta Heritage Rides are operated by Camwest, in association with Bicycle NSW

Upcoming Events

Thu 26 Jan, 2017 - Australia Day Rides

3 themed rides to coincide with the 229th anniversary of the European settlement. Each ride is around 10km and will take about 90 minutes. There are regular stops and commentary, and the rides are free:

11am - FARM - a tour of the sites related to the farms of the early colony

1pm - FIRST - touring sites of aboriginal significance

3pm - FAME - touring some of Parramatta's most well known historical buildings and sites.

Places are limited so book early!


Thanks to City of Parramatta Council for sponsoring the event.

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