Parramatta Heritage Rides

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Noller Bridge, Parramatta Park. 1925. 


Bridge no. 4 in a series of more than 20!   

Sun Oct 23, 2016: Kings and Governors, 8.30am

Visiting the streets named after the Kings and Governors of the early colony, and discovering their contributions to Parramatta.  Including Old Government House, the Female Orphan School, the Female Factory Precinct and many more places! 

Distance: 17km
Duration: Approx. 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

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Parramatta Heritage Rides open up Parramatta's wealth of hidden heritage, including Australia's 3 oldest buildings (pre-1800!), its oldest cemetery (1790) and much, much more, through a variety of easy, themed bicycle rides with regular stops and commentary. Awarded a Commendation at the Parramatta City Council Heritage Awards, 2013. Come along and discover the fascinating story of Australia's second settlement on this fun history lesson in the classroom of the bicycle!

Parramatta Heritage Rides are operated by Camwest, in association with Bicycle NSW

Upcoming Events

Sun Sep 25, 2016: 20 Bridges Ride, 8.30am

Welcome Spring in with this beautiful ride over, under, around and through the more than 20 bridges over the Parramatta River between the head of the river and Silverwater. Don't believe that there are 20? Come along and count for yourself! Taking in plenty of fabulous Parramatta Heritage along the way, including the famous Lennox Bridge. 

Pace is slow and easy!  
Distance: 20km
Duration: Approx. 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

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